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Quarantine Food Recommendations & Ideas

Quarantine Foods

Before you break out the ‘Quarantinis’ and start stress baking in mass, take a moment to consider the foods you should be stocking up on and why.

Foot Marching and Load Carriage Injuries

Foot Marching Injuries

Because military mission success often depends on the efficiency by which personnel carry needed equipment over long distances, marching remains a core element of military training.

PTSD And Exercise

PTSD and Exercise

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can develop after a highly stressful, or even life threatening event. PTSD is a mental health problem and is seen in many veterans.

Teamwork, Fitness & Family Challenge

Teamwork, Fitness & Family Challenge

The current environment we are in has impacts on all of us, as we have slowed our lives down and stayed mostly indoors together with our families.